Are Coilovers Good For Daily Driving?


Coilovers are often installed onto cars to provide a better ride and more performance. They can be found on Daily Drives, Racecars, Off-Road Vehicles and even Motorcycles! Coilovers come in different types of coilover kits for each application, so you need to choose the right one based on your needs. If you’re considering buying coilovers for daily driving, this article will explain some things that you should know about them first!

What Are Coilovers?

Coilovers (short for “coil over shock absorber”) are an enhanced version of normal dampers. They can be used to give your car a lower, more aggressive appearance while also improving the handling and stability of your car. The main purpose is to allow you to lower your car’s ride height which in turn lowers the center of gravity and reduces not only the amount of body roll but also diminishes under-steer by forcing wheels to remain closer to vertical while cornering.

What are Coilovers Used For?

People have been using coilovers for decades! Back in the day, they were used on motorcycles to allow them to be able to absorb bumps better. Later on, racecar drivers began using this setup because it allowed their suspension arms to move freely without compromising performance. This is why you might see NASCAR drivers use full-on coilovers instead of traditional shocks. More recently, people are installing coilovers onto street cars to allow the car to perform well while also maintaining a smooth ride. Some may say that having a hard suspension will make your car handle poorly around corners or under braking, but if you install the right kind of coilover system with good quality parts, you can still keep great handling and a smooth ride!

What Coilover Kits Should I Look For?

The ultimate goal when it comes to coilovers is getting a well-balanced setup that allows you to drive your car daily without sacrificing too much in the way of comfort, while still keeping it ready for track duty. Most cars do not require anything more than something like our Tanabe DF210 or even H&R Street Performance Coilovers, but some cars and drivers demand that extra edge and will go with a higher quality suspension such as Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers. If you’re just looking for something that will give you an incredible ride quality and great looks, we recommend SPORTLINE by KW Suspension.

Do Coilovers Make A Good Daily Driving?

The short answer is NO . Depending on what type of coilover kit you have installed on your car, installing coilovers may cause many problems when it comes to daily driving.

Types of Coilover Kits There are basically two types of coilover kits: non-adjustable coilovers and adjustable coilovers.

Non-Adjustable Coilovers : As the name implies, non-adjustable coilovers are non-adjustable, meaning you cannot adjust the height or stiffness of the kit. This type is typically used on OEM applications where the shock absorbers are factory-fitted to provide a better ride and handling during daily driving.

Adjustable Coilovers : Adjustable coilover kits can be adjusted in terms of height and stiffness. These types are commonly installed on daily drivers that need to change between normal and off-road riding conditions.

Types of Stiffness

Coilover kits come with different types of stiffness depending on your needs: Street (soft) / Sport (medium) / Race (stiff) Each kit has its own pros and cons so it’s up to you which one you want to go with. If you’re not sure which one to get, you can always ask us!

Some of these problems are listed below:

Increased Stress on Suspension

Depending on the ride height of your car after installing coilovers, either increasing or decreasing the suspension stress may happen. This means that some parts of your car will have more weight than others, so expect increased wear and tear on parts such as ball joints , control arm bushings , etc. Do note that these parts are typically replaced when they get too old or worn out anyway, but having them replaced earlier than expected is bad for budgeting purposes. As a result, daily driving with coilover kits is not recommended unless you want to be wasting money and time fixing and replacing old and worn-out parts.

Increased Chance of Bottoming Out

One thing you would have to keep in mind when installing coilovers is the fact that you are increasing the thickness of your springs. This means that your car will be riding lower than before, which can cause problems when driving over bumps and pot holes on the road because there is a higher chance that you will hit them with the bottom part of your vehicle. If this happens too often, then not only would it affect appearance (denting), but it might also wear out your suspension parts quickly due to increased vibration and stress .

Vehicle Must Have Lower Ground Clearance

Most cars come with standard ground clearance which allows them to hug the road better for safer riding conditions. However , when you install coilover kits, you’re increasing the suspension height. If you combine increased ground clearance with increased spring thickness , then there is a chance that your car may not be able to hug the road properly anymore and instead, it might scrape against small rocks or pebbles on the road which can rust or damage your vehicle depending on what type of metal is used for the component in contact.

Increased Suspension Vibration

This is another one of the problems that most people don’t realize with coilover kits. The increased thickness of springs will not only affect how your vehicle sits on the ground, but it may also cause more vibration when you drive over bumpy roads. This is especially true for cars that come with bad or worn out shocks and struts . Depending on the type of material used for the coilover kit , this problem can be minimized, but if choosing an inappropriate brand, then expect things to get even worse.

As mentioned earlier, adjustable coilovers are typically installed onto daily drivers because their height can be adjusted depending on road conditions and driving styles. This is probably the most popular and practical type of coilover kit for daily driving .

Non-adjustable coilovers are definitely not recommended for daily driving because their height cannot be changed, so there is a higher chance that you will bottom out when riding over pot holes or weak spots on the road . As such , this can cause damage to your car (denting, scratching), but it can also make your suspension wear quicker than usual depending on how often these problems occur.


When it comes to daily driving , adjustable coilovers are definitely the best choice because they can be adjusted depending on road conditions and driving styles. Non-adjustable coilovers are not recommended at all unless you have a very smooth or flat stretch of road that you drive on every day, but even then there is still a chance that the ground clearance may not be sufficient enough to avoid scraping against rocks and pebbles. If this happens too often, then expect increased stress and wear on your suspension parts as a result .

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